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BioMedix was established in 1986 with the aim of introducing new ophthalmic technologies to the medical community in India. Over the years, BioMedix has seen significant growth and now manufactures ophthalmic and optical products through extensive R&D and innovation.

About us

BioMedix was established in 1986, exclusively to introduce new ophthalmic technologies, into the medical community in India. Products ranging from simple optical and refraction devices to advanced laser systems were sourced from leading international ophthalmic instrument companies around the world.

Our mission was to meaningfully assimilate the technologies relevant to the unique market situation in India, with adequate clinical and technical support. The early association with companies such as H.Ogino & Co. Ltd. of Yokohama, Japan, IRIS Medical and Interzeag AG still continue having stood the test of time.

In 1995, BioMedix, in an effort at backward integration, commenced the manufacture of ultrasound products for ophthalmology - A-Scan Biometer and Pachymeter and again in 1997, introduced the Quantum CES, a comprehensive ophthalmic surgical unit for Phaco Emulsification. Today, the product range of BioMedix covers the management of Cataract, Cornea, Glaucoma and diseases of the vitreous and retina.

Mission & Vision

To source, develop and manufacture and supply our customers with products, meeting the highest quality standards. To ensure that they are safe and reliable for use in the ophthalmic applications. To provide outstanding and personalized customer service and to pursue an ongoing process of innovation and improvement.

Being in the New Millennium, we are committed to continued growth by offering new products and innovative solutions while maintaining our pledge to customer service excellence.

We are determined to stay in the forefront of service and technology, by investing in state of the art equipments and well-trained personnel. We are focused to meet our customers' clinical excellence and operating economy by striving for a continuous process of improvement. Providing advanced solutions at economic prices, will be our goal!

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Ranjan Bhandary
Managing Director,
BioMedix Optotechnik & Device Pvt Ltd
27th November 2016
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Haag Streit



EchoRule PRO

Slit LampsBI 900

Slit LampsBM 900

Slit LampsBP 900

Slit LampsBQ 900

Slit LampsBX 900

PerimeterOctopus 900

PerimeterOctopus 600

LenstarLS 900

Green LaserIQ 532

Green LaserOcuLight TX

Red LaserOcuLight SLx 810nm

Yellow LaserIQ 577 True-Yellow Laser

Cyclo GMicroPulse P3

VX 10αTwo-in-One non Myd and Mydriatic Fundus Cameras

VX 20Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Integrated Retinal Camera